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Haban #1

In May of 2001 my wife and son purchased a Haban sickle bar mower for me for my birthday. They got it at a flea market and at the time I knew nothing about the Haban sickle bar mowers. I have since became familiar with them and their desirability. This one wasn’t made to fit a Cub Cadet, but they knew I’d enjoy the challenge of getting it mounted and going. They brought it home in the back of our pickup truck. I guess the rope is to make sure it didn’t fall out?

The gentlemen they purchased it from said he thought it fit an Economy, but I’m not sure he was correct.   The front mount was definitely not for a Cub Cadet.

It took a while and I didn’t take any pictures, but I got it mounted. It would have gone a lot faster if I’d known how a Haban sickle bar mower raised and lowered. It has nothing to do with the tractor lift as I originally assumed. The “float” is obtained by spring tension, and the bar is lifted by a chain that wraps around under the mower. Once I figured that out, the mounting went pretty smoothly.

I jacked the mower frame up under my Model 70 Cub Cadet and moved it around until it was in position.   The rear mount was no problem as it connects to the rear drawbar of the Cub Cadet.

Notice in the picture that it’s a solid mount at the rear. That’s what came with the mower and that’s what I originally used. My later Haban purchase has a flexible mount there.


The front was a different matter. I finally decided I could make a mount that bolted directly to the tractor on both sides of the front frame.   Once I decided how to do it, it didn’t take too long to finish the project.











The front was a solid mount. You can get a better idea of these brackets with the mower removed from the tractor.

You can see in an earlier picture that the mower originally came with a small pulley on the front.   From the Haban manual I determined that the mower should operate at 900 to 1100 strokes per minute. I measured the pulley sizes and worked back to determine that I needed a 6 inch diameter pulley to give me the correct speed and an engine speed of around 2400 rpm. You can barely make out the pulley in the pictures above.


When I first got the mower, it had a smaller pulley and a smaller guard on the front. I made new mounts and fabricated a new guard. As luck would have it, there was a gentlemen on the web that was selling Haban decals that he’s recently had made.

With everything mounted, it was just a matter of trying it out and taking some pictures.   Everything worked great and I used it sever I used it for several years until Haban #4 (which was actually made for a Cub Cadet) came along. Here’s those pictures:






























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