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No Gas to Carb

This section discusses what to do if your engine will fire but won’t keep running. If the engine fires when you squirt gas in the carb and requires you to continue squirting gas into the carb to keep it running, you’re not getting a continuous supply of fuel to the carb.

The first thing to check is that you have sufficient fuel in the fuel tank.  Most Cub Cadet fuel tanks have a small standpipe inside the tank which means the fuel level must be high enough to permit fuel to leave the tank.

If the fuel level is high enough, then check to make sure the fuel valve is turned on.  This may seem like two things too simple to mention, but it’s human nature to always assume the worst when something doesn’t work like we think it should so that we overlook the obvious.

OK, so we have enough good fuel and the fuel valve is turned on.  So, either we’re not getting fuel to the carb or the carb is not doing it’s thing.  Let’s check the simpliest first.  Shut off the fuel valve and disconnect the fuel line at the carb.  This isn’t always an easy thing to do if it’s a fuel line that’s been on the tractor for a while.  But, if you have to end up removing the carb to overhaul it, the fuel line will have to be removed anyway.  I’ve often found i have to force a small screwdriver in between the fuel line and the fuel fitting to “enlarge” the fuel line enough for it to slip off.  This will often destroy that section of the fuel line, but if it’s in that bad of shape, it should probably be replaced anyway.  With the fuel line removed at the carb, hold a container below the line and open the fuel valve.  You should observe a steady stream of fuel flow.  If you don’t, either the fuel line or sediment bowl is clogged.  It’s probably a good idea to remove the sediment bowl and clean it as well as replace the fuel line at this point.

If you have a good stream of fuel flow, then it’s time to remove and overhaul the carb.  I’ll add instructions and pictures on that procedure when I get a little more time and motivation!!!

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