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History of our Magnatrac MT2000

I purchased my Magnatrac MT2000 in the late 1990’s. The gentleman I’d purchased it from had purchased it for his wife to move around their property. His wife had some medical issues and could no longer walk the property. Unfortunately, a tracked vehicle is not a comfortable ride, and he wanted to sell it to purchase something more appropriate. I had been collecting information on Struck dozers for years and jumped at the chance to purchase it.

The gentleman I purchased it from said he purchased it from a sawmill. It had been used to move logs around. It showed a lot of wear. My son and I took it completely apart and replaced all the bearings as well as some other parts. I didn’t own a digital camera at that time so I have no pictures. But we took the dozer down to the point that it was not recognizable as a dozer. Some of the shafts showed some wear and probably could have been replaced. Some of the bearings had worn to the point that there was little or no brass left in sections. We did replace all the bearings. Some of the other replacements we made are discussed in the Changes, Modifications and Replacements sections of this site.

There are pictures of our MT2000 in the Pictures section of this Category.

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