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Replacing Points Cover

Points Cover


The bottom screw on the points cover on a narrow frame Cub Cadet can be a real pain to replace. On all my Cub Cadets once I’ve removed the points cover, I cut out the bottom hole like so:

With the slot you don’t have to completely remove the bottom screw. Just loosen it enough that the cover can be slid into place and tighten the screw.

If you want to keep the cover original and don’t want to cut a slot into the hole, you can use a small screw and electrician’s tape to hold the screw while you replace it. Cut a small slot in a short piece of electrician’s tape. Push the screw through the slot and tape it to the end of the screwdriver.













The tape will hold the screw in position until it’s started. Pull the screwdriver out of the tape and pull the tape off the screw before you completely tighten the screw or you’ll have a problem removing all of it. With a little experience this method can also be used to start screws where you can’t get the screwdriver aligned straight with the screw hole. There’s enough flex in the tape to allow the screw to start at an angle with the screwdriver.

As always, I welcome any comments, suggestions or improvements of any of the ideas given here.

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