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Mounting the Cub Cadet Pump

The mounting for the hydraulic pump used on narrow frame Cub Cadets is basically the same for all models. However, there are differences in the rear hydraulic cylinder mounts and pulley diameters. The Original is different than all later models of Cub Cadet.

hydraulic pump pic 16

The top, smaller pulley is for an Original.   It is a 5 1/2 inch diameter pulley.  The larger, bottom pulley is for all other Cub Cadets.  It is 6 1/2 inches in diameter.

hydraulic pump pic 17The mounting brackets shown above are for the front cylinder connection. The one on the right is for a Cub Cadet Original. Notice the angle bracket has an extra set of holes and the mounting pin extends out further. The mounting bracket on the left is for all other narrow frame Cub Cadets.

hydraulic pump pic 18

The drive pulleys shown above are mounted to the rear of the engine. The double pulley on the left is for an Original and the pulley on the right is for all other narrow frame Cub Cadets. The Original requires a double pulley since one of the pulleys is required for the main drive. All other narrow frame Cub Cadets have a shaft drive to the transmission.

hydraulic pump pic 19


The picture above shows the three, rear cylinder connections used on narrow frame Cub Cadets. The one on the left is for an electric lift. The bracket on the right is for the Cub Cadet Original. The center bracket is for all other Cub Cadets.  You might notice that each one has a different offset.

Here’s some pictures of pumps mounted on various narrow frame Cub Cadets.  I think both the first two pictures are a pump mounted on a Model 73.














In the pictures below, the one on the left is mounted on a Model 72 and the one on the right is mounted on a Model 126.














For the pump to be mounted on an original, it requires a double pulley on the engine.



Early model narrow frame Cub Cadets (Original, 70, 100) required holes be drilled in the frame for the pump to be mounted.  On later models, the frame came predrilled.

And, that’s about if for now. I’ll add more discussion and pictures when I get the opportunity. As always, if you have any comments or questions, contact me through this website.

Addendum:  Someone contacted me about making one of the brackets for a hydraulic lift which reminded me of some drawings I have.  Lots of times you end up purchasing a lift that has one of the brackets missing.  In the past I’ve managed to make some of these brackets myself.  I made some drawings to help with the dimensions.  I’ll include those drawings here in no particular order.  If you’re not a Cub Cadet owner, the brackets will be of no interest to you.

hydraulic pump pic 20hydraulic pump pic 21











hydraulic pump pic 22hydraulic pump pic 23








hydraulic pump pic 24hydraulic pump pic 25












hydraulic pump pic 26hydraulic pump pic 27











hydraulic pump pic 28hydraulic pump pic 29








hydraulic pump pic 30hydraulic pump pic 31








hydraulic pump pic 32hydraulic pump pic 33











hydraulic pump pic 34hydraulic pump pic 35











hydraulic pump pic 36hydraulic pump pic 37hydraulic pump pic 38



























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