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Liam Cunningham’s Mott Mower

Here’s what Liam had to say about his mower:
“I originally found the Mott because it was sent to me by a fellow collector, like the EZ rake. It was in a package deal with a very nice 127 with a tiller and deck but I had no interest in that stuff seeing I already have that stuff. But I worked a deal and got the Mott, I had to send a buddy to snag it and he picked it up and told me the story. I am the 3rd owner, second owner bought it from a lady down the streets who’s husband passed and used the whole set up under 5x since new. So it is very nice shape besides for the paint flaking on the back. So over all very nice machine starts first pull think I need to pull the piston and un-seize the rings because it smokes upon start up, and in one of the pictures you can see the original grease cap and spark plug etc.”

Here’s the pictures Liam sent me:


























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