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Jiffy Balling Mowers and Their Owners

Apparently there are very few Jiffy Balling Sickle Bar Mowers in existence.  The few I know about are listed here.

Paul Funk

I saw my Jiffy Balling mower advertised on a popular Cub Cadet website.  It was something that I had thought I’d never be able to own so I quickly notified the seller that I was interested.  It was a 5 hour trip from home, but I knew someone in the seller’s town that picked it up for me and had it delivered to my son who lived an hour closer.  My wife and I picked it up that weekend.  My wife said it was one of the best purchases that I’d made since she got to spend the weekend with her granddaughters.

Here’s some pictures of my mower.

PF image 9PF image 7










PF image 1PF image 2














PF image 4PF image 5















PF image 6PF image 8









Joe Motuzick

Here’s what Joe had to say about his Jiffy Balling Mower:

My mower came from a friend who buys and sells a lot of cub stuff.    ( I do too but keep the head to find stuff.) He called and  said one of his buddies who cleans out barns/estates etc. had found it and offered it up. The friend who cleaned out the barn kept and still has the 100 that it was sold with/for. The three of us agreed on a price and I now have it on my 70.   It does work.  However, it does little more then act as a trailer queen. 
Notice in some of Joe’s pictures he has a Pincor Generator mounted on the side and had to use a snatch block to reroute the cable that raises the blade.


Here’s some pictures of Joe’s mower.

JM image4JM image3












JM image1JM image2














JM image3aJM image5












JM image4aJM image7
















JM image8JM image9












JM image10

JM image11










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