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Mike Biery’s H-900 Groundsaw

These are pictures Mike Biery sent me of his Hawk Bilt Groundsaw. Here’s Mike’s story of how he got and restored it.


“A fellow Club Member and collector contacted me about an Allis Chalmer B-10 with a trencher mounted on the back of it that was going to be on a farm auction near Sidney Ohio on May 5th 2012. This got me curious because up until then I had never seen one except for pictures. I was able get some pictures of it and from doing some research was able to figure out it was a Hawk Bilt H-900 Ground Saw. I was fortunate enough to have the winning bid at the auction too.

The restoration involved completely disassembling the trencher and tractor, sandblasting, repairing or replacing worn or rusted out parts, all new hydraulic hoses and all new belts, repainting and reassembly. I had a lot of help from several friends on this project too. I still have a few thing to finish up on this project such as fabricating a new dirt auger and maybe a new digging chain. I plan on using my Ground saw around the farm and taking it to shows as well.”

Mike pic 1Mike pic 2





Mike pic 3Mike pic 4















Mike tells me that his groundsaw is powered by the three belts shown below.  The forward motion of the groundsaw is produced by a belt from the groundsaw back to the transmission.  I’m assuming that’s the pulleys shown in the picture on the right below.

Mike pic 5Mike pic 6












Mike pic 7






Mike pic 8







Mike pic 8

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