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Hawk-Bilt Model 1200 owned by Darryl Cox of Humboldt Tennessee

Chris Westfall had a Model 1200 Groundsaw  that he sold to Darryl Cox in the fall of 2014

This is what Chris had to say about his Model 1200 GroundSaw:

“I bought the ground saw from a guy in Pennsylvania, with the chain broken about 8 years ago.   I didn’t do anything with it until this year. I had a new chain made, put  it on and got the tractor running again and moving, I knew when I had a chance to buy it that it was rare and figured I had better buy it.  It is probably one of the only things I’ve never sold.  I am not sure if I would sell it but you never know. I do a lot of shows and have yet to see another one.  My web site is cubclassics.com. ”

Chris 1200 pic 1Chris 1200 pic 2










Apparently Chris changed his mind about keeping the groundsaw because he sold it to Darryl.  I got to see it at the 2015 Extravaganza.  Here’s some more pictures.

Darryl Cox pic 1Darryl Cox pic 2











Darryl Cox pic 3Darryl Cox pic 4











Darryl Cox pic 5Darryl Cox pic 6










Darryl Cox pic 7Darryl Cox pic 8









Darryl Cox pic 9Darryl Cox pic 10














Darryl Cox pic 11Darryl Cox pic 12














Darryl Cox pic 13


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