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Carson Haines Jr.’s FD-42

Here’s what Carson had to say about his Gannon Earthcavator:
“The story on mine is real simple, I was driving down Highway 99 and saw it beside the road for sale in a yard with some other Garden Tractor stuff. The one I got is the 42 inch model, I had really wanted the 36 inch one,  I missed a 36 inch one by a week as he had sold one the  week before.  As I remember I paid around $300 for the unit.  Cub Cadets and this kind of equipment is rare around here in California.”

And here’s the pictures Carson sent me before he converted his Earthcavator to a Cub Cadet mount:













Here’s some additional pictures Carson sent me.  After checking out the new hitch, he plans to shorten it.












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