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Cub Cadet Mount Dimensions

Thanks to Dale Merkle for the dimensions.  I sent him some drawings and he provided me with the dimensions for adding the Cub Cadet mount to the Earthcavator.  In my original drawings, I forgot to include the tube, so as you can see, I sketched it in.  Hopefully one day I’ll get the time and ambition to correct my original drawings.  Here’s the drawings followed by the dimensions that Dale sent to me.

(Click on the images for a better view.)





















And, here are the dimensions:






Tube Diameter-1.325

My lower arms are .500 wide.


Lift Straps-

My straps are 13 inches long.

Hole spacing: End to hole closes to the end are .75 inch.

I added the 2nd hole. it is 2.25 from the one end.



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