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As it seems with everything I own or purchase, the E-Z Vac was not complete when I purchased it.  It was missing the canvas top for the trailer, and there were no hoses to connect the mower to the vacuum system.  Since I didn’t feel qualified to make a new top and you can no longer purchase one, I made the top out of sheet metal.

vac pic 1vac pic 2











You can notice the opening in the back at the top.  I originally had planned to enclose that area with a screen, but it turns out it’s not necessary.  There’s a deflector that blows the incoming grass downward so very little escapes out the top.  And, the impeller moves so much air that the large opening works out well.


I found the hose that I needed in the classifieds.  The diameter was an inch too large, but the price was right.  I made up the difference in diameter by wrapping duct tape around the hose connection to build it up an inch.


The vacuum works great and sure beats raking.


As always if you have any questions or comments, you can contact me through this website.


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