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Colton DeBower

Some time ago I received an email from Colton DeBower.  Colton had just purchased a CD-1 post hole digger  with Serial Number 1192.  That post hole digger was originally sold in 3/26/1970 to Brodeus Fence out of Springfield MA.  Here’s some of what Colton had to say about his digger.

I drove from Nebraska to Connecticut to pick up my Danuser (Serial No. 1192) on a John Deere 140. This CD-1 has been very used. It was used by a fencing company for about 35 years as there main digger. I purchased the unit from the original owners daughter. As you can see in the pictures an aftermarket pump and spool valve were added at one point to get more lift pressure. Several places on the frame have been repaired and beefed up over the years. Once I got it home, I did get it running and dug a hole to see what was working/not working.   The plan as of now is to get everything clean and fully functional making any repairs necessary but plan on leaving the paint original at this time. I am looking for a different auger since this one is shot and also for an original pump. We were able to find the original control rod and bracket for the pump but not the pump itself at this time. For now I will be using the tractor hydraulics to raise and lower the auger. The original package from the dealer was the 69 140, the CD-1, and a Snowco trailer. I am keeping the package all together.

Here’s the pictures that Colton sent me.  Notice the neat trailer that the CD-1 is sitting on.

DeBower 1




DeBower 2



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