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Jeff Rottkamp/Karl Moritz

The first section below is information provided to me by Karl Moritz.  After building the support and subframe for his CD-1, Karl sold it to Jeff Rottkamp.  The second section contains the information from Jeff who now owns this CD-1.

Section 1 — Karl Moritz

I received an email from Karl Moritz.  Karl recently purchased a Model CD-1 post hole digger with Serial Number 1236.  Karl’s CD-1 was shipped to Ephrata, Pennsylvania on August 31, 1971.  Here’s some of what Karl had to say about his CD-1:


“I have a Danuser CD-1 post hole digger that sat in a field for 17 years.  It has brackets for a 3 pt. hitch.  I talked to the previous owner who sold it to the guy I bought it from, and he said it was possibly on a Cub LoBoy.  I am hopefully making the frame for a John Deere 120 if I can get the mast restored.  I would definitely like to find more info on these machines.”


Here are some pictures of the CD-1 Karl is planning to restore.  Looks like he’s in for some work, but it sure looks like a fun project.

Moritz 2

Moritz 1

Moritz 5

Moritz 3Moritz 4




Moritz 6















Karl’s been working on rebuilding (maybe remaking) his CD-1.  He sent me a message along with some pictures.  Here’s what he had to say:

Just thought I’d give you an update on the Danuser rebuild. Its been a while! A friend is a sheet metal guy and he is making a whole new mast basically for us. He has been working on it lately. I haven’t gotten it yet but it looks pretty good! I did get the head all put back together with new bearings etc. So besides the belts the mast is basically done at this point. 

And the pictures:

Moritz 1Moritz 2














Moritz 3

Moritz 4













Moritz 5Moritz 6















Looks like he’s making great head way.

Karl sent me some more pictures.  Looks like the mast is about finished.  They’re still doing great work.

CD1 Karl 13

CD1 Karl 14















CD1 Karl 15

CD1 Karl 16
















CD1 Karl 17

CD1 Karl 18















Section 2–Jeff Rottkamp (the new owner)

Here’s the information that Jeff provided to me:

  Enclosed are a few pictures of my work on the Danuser CD-1 serial 1236 that I purchased from Karl Moritz recently.  Karl had a new mast, mast shields, subframe and various other parts remade or replaced, so my main job was to get it painted and finish up some of the loose ends on it.  It is on my 1970 John Deere 120 Patio tractor with the Sunset Orange paint. It isn’t quite finished or in working order at the time of this email but it should be done soon, more
pictures will follow.

And, here are the pictures:





































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