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Austin Sanford

These are pictures of Austin’s A-10 that he sent me.  The A-10 was made for an Allis Chalmers, but since he doesn’t have the original undercarriage, Austin is considering making his own undercarriage and mounting it on a John Deere.  Austin’s A-10 has a Serial Number of D-1040.


This is the story of how Austin got it:

“This unit was special for the Allis Chalmers B110 tractor from what I have been told. The guy I got it from bought it at an auction from the original dealer in Hannible, NY. It had the frame when he bought it. He bought the unit for scrap and was saving it until the price of scrap went up. He believes that his brother had hauled the frame off for junk. It’s believed that the unit had never even been mounted on a machine. My plan is to build a frame and run the unit from the electric clutch for the mower drive. I won’t need a hydraulic pump as the Deere 140 is a hydrostatic drive and already has the remotes to run it. The only issue I see now is that this one is set up for a drive off the left side and the Deere one is on the right. I don’t want to cut that part up as this is rare for the Allis machines and I have already had some crazy offers on it. And it could get higher this year as one of the local shows I go to is hosting the National Allis Chalmers club this year.”

Sanford 2 Sanford 1













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